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How etched glass adds a touch of tropical to the front entry door

Etched glass can be used on standard tempered glass or hurricane impact glass inserts Many homeowners by the coast of Tampa bay are converting their front and back doors to hurricane impact glass doors. The problem is, how to do that and still have that vacation and tropical casual lifestyle feel. We converted this front door and double sidelights to impact glass doors with the leaf type pattern this customer had chosen.  What a wonderful change!

The owners still wanted their privacy so the glass etching was done on the outside. This allows the pattern to show easily on the outside without the glare of the glass.  The background of this hurricane impact glass is called “glue chip” glass, which allows light but the texture gives privacy for the interior.

The sequencial slides show the layered process of glass etching.  There is a definate process of removing the glass etching template to achieve the correct sequence of layers and shadows. There is also a more detailed alternative to this particular design but the homeowner opted for the simpler design. You can change all of our design to suit your design needs and even combine designs to come up with new patterns. The choices are limitless. Just come to the store with any of your design ideas and we will put it all together for you.