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Glass laundry doors add a nice and personal touch to the laundry room and can add style and value to your home. Pre-manufactured styles or custom etching designs on frosted and clear glass accentuate the laundry area with added aesthetics and style. Because interior doors are typically less thick than exterior doors (1-3/8” vs 1-¾") the glass comes pre-manufactured in interior doors; however, since interior laundry door frames are typically already in place, all that usually has to be changed out is just the door slab itself. The door slabs come in a variety of options including primed white that can be painted or raw wood species that can painted or stained to complement your home’s interior. Frosted glass is also a great alternative to a standard laundry room door to brighten the home and still maintain privacy of the stack of laundry that may be piling up. Barn doors are also a great option for laundry doors and can fit into the farmhouse style very well!

Etched laundry doors are also available in new custom designs or any of the designs we’ve previously created for our customers. It can be as simple as just having the word “Laundry” etched (with or without a border) and some customers have had fun including a laundry basket image with their favorite saying such as “Sorting out Life One Load At A Time” or “Wash-Dry-Fold-Repeat". Tropical or aquatic themes can also be etched to complement Florida style homes.

Frosted glass is also a great alternative to a standard laundry room door. Adding frosted glass to the laundry room can brighten the home and still maintain privacy.

Visit our Tampa or Lakeland showrooms to explore a variety of laundry room doors from major manufacturers that will fit your style and budget. We provide an all-inclusive service from helping you choose the glass door that’s right for you, your privacy and style to installing it for you by our own expert team! Grab your current measurements then stop by either of our showrooms or complete our contact us form to receive a free quote!