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Tired Of Your Clear Glass Doors?

These wood doors with clear glass need to go!

Want the light but also need the privacy? We all do. The builder offered these clear glass doors for the front entry of this home which was fine for a while, but eventually, the want was for something that offered more. More privacy!

decorative Glass Doors in Lakeland FL

Make no mistake, there are some folks that would like the clear glass, especially if they live in a more secluded area. If the driveway is not oversized or there is no shrubbery to offer privacy, then opt for the decorative glass doors seen here. There are new freshly installed fiberglass doors. They have 3 layers of glass with the decorative glass being the layer between tempered outer layers.

This keeps the decorative glass protected and very easy to keep clean. It also gives the doors 1 ” of glass for insulation. Well, you just can’t beat that! They say, once you’ve had glass doors you’ll never opt for solid doors again! We see that is really true as people sell homes and move to the next home. The first thing on the list is changing the solid doors.   

Need some interior accents?

When replacing your doors, it is time to coordinate the style of the handles to the style of the door glass. No problem, we can help!

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