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Gather your measurements using our Easy Measure Guide.



We would love to answer any of your questions! Connect with us online, by phone or visit any of our two showrooms.



Select your preferred style and size and make your deposit to get your order started.



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Our process begins with you! We start with preliminary measurements so we can provide you with a free quote! We then encourage you to browse through our online gallery or visit our showrooms to choose your preferred style and size. We have several resources including our free measure guides to help you get started! Our FAQ’s are also very helpful while you browse and shop with us.

The Glass Door Store will complete a final field measure on any orders that include doors after a 50% deposit has been made to ensure a proper fit at time of install. If you’re only adding glass to your existing door, the preliminary measurements you provide to us are sufficient.

Additionally, if installation is not needed, we will provide the needed order form for your contractor to complete.

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What does the process look like from start to finish?

Our entire process can be found here.

We are committed to providing all of our customers with an all-inclusive guided process including the best price and excellent customer service during your entire door project journey. The first step in our process is for customers to grab their easy measurements of the current door and to determine whether it’s fiberglass, wood or metal. These two things will help us narrow what options you have in selecting a glass insert and size. Once you have your door measurements, call us at 813-991-0028, visit our showrooms or connect with us online for a free quote!

How long does the process take?

You can visit our process page to see the project timeline. Typically, turnaround time can be anywhere between 2-12 weeks from order to installation depending on the type of door project. Glass only projects have faster turn-around times than full door replacement projects, typically 5 weeks or less, depending on the product selected. Full door replacements have the longest lead time; typically, 8 weeks or less. Note that special order products or circumstances (i.e. global pandemic) can possibly add additional lead time outside of our control. The best way to find out current timelines is to visit our showrooms or receive a free online quote.

How do I measure my door?

We make it easy for you to measure your door whether you’re adding glass to your existing door, upgrading your current glass, replacing sliding glass doors with French doors or if you’re replacing the entire pre-hung unit. You can use our easy measure guides found here. Once you have your simple door measurements, visit our Tampa or Lakeland showrooms or connect with us online for a free quote.

How can I get a free quote?

First, grab your quick measurements using our easy measure guide. Then bring those to see the many glass designs on display at our Tampa or Lakeland showrooms, or jot down some designs that are of interest to you from our website and complete our form today for a free quote!

How do I know what type of service I need?

Add glass to a solid door – If your door is in good condition and the panel measurements will accommodate the standard, pre-manufactured size glass then we can cut your door to easily add a glass insert! Use our easy measure guide to see if your door will work!

Retrofit door installation – If your door jamb/frame and threshold are still in good condition but your door is not – or if the door panel measurements won’t accommodate the standard sized glass – then we can replace just your door slab (leaving the existing jamb/frame and threshold in place) and add glass to the new door slab. Use our easy measure guide to grab the quick measurements we will need to provide you a quote.

Pre-hung door replacement – If your existing door unit is not in good shape (i.e.: is rusting or rotting or very old), our expert installation team can change out your entire door unit (door, jamb/frame & threshold). Use our easy measure guide to grab the quick measurements we will need to provide you a free quote.

Door reconfiguration – We can change the configuration of your door! Say you have a single door with two sidelites, but want to change it to a double door, there is a good chance that we can do that for you depending on the rough opening space you have. We can also change your door from an inswing to a more secure outswing door or sliding glass doors to French doors too! These types of projects require a pre-hung door replacement. Use our easy measure guide to grab your quick measurements so that we can determine what options you may have and provide you with a free quote.

Do you also offer installation services?

Our customers find it important that we are an all-inclusive business with our very own experienced installation team serving Florida homeowners in Tampa, Lakeland and surrounding areas and typically can be done with one trip. Typically glass only projects take an hour or less start to finish while full door replacements can take anywhere from 2-6 hours based on the type of project.

Do I have to use The Glass Door Store for installation?

While there is great value in allowing us to serve you from order to install, you also have the option to purchase the product and do the installation yourself or hire an outside installer.

I don’t live in the Tampa/Lakeland area. Do you ship?

We currently do not ship as all product come in as open product. You can; however, still purchase the products and pick them up at either the Tampa or Lakeland showroom once the product arrives.

Do I have to replace my door to add glass to it?

Hopefully not! We use your easy door measurements that you provide to us during our initial process to determine if a glass insert is available for your door/panel size. Since the glass inserts only come in standard sizes, we know right away if it will or will not work with your existing door. Typically, we are able to save customers money by simply adding glass to their current door. We will need to replace current doors, however, if measurements do not allow for glass inserts to be installed. We cannot cut into solid wood doors as deterioration, rotting over time and the heavy weight of glass inserts compromises the wood jointing and does not hold well in solid wood doors. We provide the option of purchasing pre-manufactured glass inserts in fiberglass doors which are a lot more durable and reliable over time.

The first step in our process begins with you! You can use our free measure guides to provide us with preliminary measurements so we can provide you with a free quote at our showrooms or online.

Do you send someone out to my house to measure my door for me?

Rest assured that the measurements we need are just to get started with providing a quote. If ordering glass inserts, we will immediately know if it will work as the glass only comes in standard sizes. If ordering door replacements, the measurements are simply used to provide a quote. Once deposit is received, we will complete a final field measure prior to ordering any products to ensure your door fits as needed upon installation.

How can I add glass to my front door?

We have two showrooms in Tampa and Lakeland, Fl where homeowners can shop for their new glass insert. We offer a cost-effective solution to simply add glass to a current metal or fiberglass door without having to replace the entire door unit. At times, when existing door panels are too large or wide to simply add glass, we offer fiberglass door slabs along with glass inserts. You can get started today by measuring your door using our easy measure guide and connecting with us at our showrooms or online for a free quote! Learn more about our process here.

Is it less expensive to just add glass or order a door with glass?

If your door is in good condition, it’s always less expensive to just add glass to an existing door because you are only paying for glass and a fairly easy installation. When a door is added to the project, it increases the price point because the additional product and labor needed. We love it when we can utilize customer’s existing doors and save them money! Receive a free online quote today for your door project!

On average, how much does it cost to install glass into my existing door?

We work with seven major glass manufacturers to provide our customers hundreds of options to choose from and pricing for installing glass depends on several factors; the current type of door, the door and panel size and the preferred size and style of the glass. However, generally speaking, installing a full-length standard-tempered decorative glass insert into a standard height 80” existing fiberglass or metal door ranges from $850-$2,000 depending on the size and glass style chosen. Clear or textured glass would be less. For hurricane impact glass, it can range anywhere from $900-$2,700. Additional cost is required when new door slabs are needed or if the entire pre-hung unit will be replaced. Hurricane impact decorative glass ranges from $1200 – $2800

I’m concerned about privacy with a glass door. Will a glass door offer privacy?

Yes! We have a large selection of decorative glass inserts that offer low, medium and high privacy levels to meet each customers’ concerns and comfort level. Privacy levels for glass inserts can range from 1 to 9 and are determined by the glass textures and designs of each glass insert. You can browse through our various decorative glass insert options on our portfolio to choose which best fits your style and comfort level. Once you have your door measurements, bring those with you and visit our showrooms or receive a free online quote.

Can people see inside my house with a glass door?

The visibility inside your house from the exterior of the home is determined by the privacy level you choose. Privacy levels for glass inserts can range from 1 to 9 and are determined by the textures and designs of each glass insert. The tighter the texture, the higher the privacy. The looser texture, the more transparency. Also keep in mind unless you have clear glass, typically you will just see shadows and silhouettes and that the closer to the door you are, the clearer you can see. The further away from the door, the more distortion. You can browse through our various decorative glass insert options on our portfolio to choose which style and privacy level best fits your needs. Once you have your door measurements we highly recommend bringing those with you and visit our showrooms to see the glass inserts on display in person receive a free online quote.

What sizes do glass inserts come in?

Most glass inserts come in a myriad of sizes; however full-size, ¾ size and ½ size are most popular. If just adding glass to your current door, your door panel measurements will determine the size of glass insert you can select. At times, the purchase of a fiberglass door slab is needed to fit the specific glass insert size you’d like to have on your door. Once you have your door measurements we highly recommend bringing those with you and visit our showrooms to see the glass inserts on display in person receive a free online quote.

Can I add a custom etched design to my glass door?

Absolutely! We offer homeowners etched-glass designs that can be customized. We offer aquatic, tropical and geometric design themes in custom designs. Our glass etching designer has over 20 years of experience in glass-etching services and provides a large selection of designs to choose from. Glass-etching also provides a great level of privacy and aesthetics especially to those living in Coastal Florida. Connect with us online or by visiting one of our showrooms for a free quote.

How can I add hurricane impact glass to door?

Adding hurricane impact glass is similar to simply adding glass to an existing door. We offer a variety of styles and sizes available in hurricane impact glass for added peace of mind and protection. Browse through our portfolio to see various hurricane impact glass options and visit our Tampa or Lakeland showrooms or connect with us online for a free quote.

Do you offer more cost-friendly options for hurricane protection for my glass door?

Yes! Other than our hurricane impact glass inserts which are pre-manufactured to protect during storm winds, we offer cost-effective solutions by offering hurricane door shield shutter protection that can be placed on the exterior of the door in minutes to prepare for a hurricane. The door shields are much less expensive, allows your door to remain fully functional without any damage and come in a choice of metal or clear panels. Connect with us online or by visiting one of our showrooms for a free quote on hurricane shutters or hurricane impact glass.

How can I replace sliding glass doors with French Doors?

Yes! While we do not repair or replace sliding glass doors, we do specialize in reconfiguring sliding glass doors to French doors. You can browse through some of our previous French door projects here. To learn more about the French door service we offer, jot down your rough opening measurements and visit our Tampa or Lakeland showrooms or connect with us online for a free quote.

Can I use my existing hardware on my new door?

Yes! If your current door hardware is in good condition, we can use your existing hardware on your new door at no additional charge. If you choose to upgrade your hardware, we offer a wide variety of hardware sets to complement the style of your new door, and when purchased through us, is installed complimentary. Installing new hardware that is not purchased through our store is also an option for a small installation fee.

Do your doors come painted already?

While we do have access to pre-finished doors, typically our customers choose non-painted/non-stained fiberglass doors to save money and to ensure that the full pre-hung unit fully matches after installation. If you need a contact to professional painters we can provide a couple of options! We encourage customers to use the door manufacturer painting/staining guidelines when contracting a painter or doing it themselves. See the manufacturer information below:




Do you install barn doors?

We sell barn doors and track kits as a retail/product only sale but this is the one type of installation that we do not currently do. We will certainly provide you with a large selection of beautiful interior barn door slabs to choose from so you or your preferred contractor can install it at your convenience. There are hundreds of barn door styles to choose from so we recommend grabbing the rough opening measurements of the space the barn doors will need to cover then stop by our Tampa or Lakeland showrooms to see catalogs of the many options to choose from. To receive a free quote, feel free to complete our form today!

Can I add glass to interior doors?

Interior doors are typically not as thick as exterior doors (1-3/8” vs 1-¾”) and cannot support the weight of glass inserts like exterior doors can. That is why interior doors are pre-manufactured with the glass already built in. But don’t worry… there are hundreds of interior glass door options to choose from! If the door area already has the frame in place, then we can just do a fiberglass retro-fit installation of just a door slab. Or, we can hang a pre-hung unit with a frame when needed. To receive a free quote, feel free to complete our form today!

How can I add glass to my pantry, laundry or officer door?

We can assist you with glass doors for your home’s interior! Pantry doors with glass are very popular right now and offer a beautiful, personalized approach to your home’s interior. The most popular are 1-lite frosted glass, a design with “Pantry” wording, or even a pantry door that has recipes on it! For laundry doors, some customers prefer just the word “Laundry” with a clothes basket image while some prefer their favorite laundry saying. For office doors, there are also hundreds of options to choose from for both style and type of glass from very traditional, to dressy to modern. You can browse through a few of our pantry door and laundry door selections here that can inspire you and provide us with your door measurements when you connect with us to receive a free quote online.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Michael & Jessica Stevens

We could not be more pleased with our new door inserts from the Glass Door Store. The entrance to our home has been completely transformed.

Cynthia P.

I absolutely LOVE my new door! The staff at The Glass Door Store are extremely friendly and made every effort to ensure that we found the right glass inserts for my home. Jacob and Caleb were extremely professional and did an amazing job on the install.

Richard P.

Excellent customer service, accommodating for our busy schedule, met us on Saturday morning, beautiful etching work.

Lindsey V.

We went to the Glass Door store and they were wonderful to work with! We were able to transform our front door with the glass insert and the cost was much more reasonable than a brand new door, but it looks like an entirely new door! It completely changes the look of the home, both inside and out and we love it. The team at The Glass Door Store was so easy to work with, very polite and attentive. All around great experience! Thank you to the team!

Jennifer W.

We recently had decorative glass installed in our front door and The Glass Door Store installer did a fantastic job! They spent less than an hour to do the install and cleaned up after themselves too! The glass looks so good and let’s a lot of light into the house. We are so glad we did this with our front door!