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____ PAYMENT OPTIONS – Customers may choose to make full payment or minimum 50% deposit by any method at time of order. All final balance payments are due via check or cash at the time of installation, or credit card in store PRIOR to day of installation. Final payments made by credit card will incur additional 3% of final balance total. A finance charge of 10% per month will be charged on all delinquent balance plus attorney’s fees and/or costs incurred in collection.

____ LEAD TIME / FINAL POSSESSION – Although The Glass Door Store & More (hereinafter referred to as “GDS”) makes every effort to expedite all orders, please allow up to 12 weeks from time of order, depending on products ordered. Special order products, circumstances (i.e. global pandemic) and/or holidays, may require an additional lead time which GDS cannot control. Any product not accepted by customer within 120 days of final GDS receipt date may forfeit any payment previously made and GDS will assume the right to sell products ordered if arrangements have not been made with GDS.

____ CANCELLATIONS – Due to ordering processes, all orders are non-cancellable unless preapproved by manufacturer/supplier & GDS. Any special-condition cancellations that are approved will; however, result in processing, restocking and/or shipping fees, based on products ordered, which will be deducted from credit issued. While we strive to fulfill customer orders as quickly as possible, certain events (both foreseen & unforeseen) such as, but not limited to, product delays, holidays, inclement weather, vehicle breakdowns, installer sickness, global pandemic, etc. may delay your install date or time. Delay of product or installation, regardless of reason, is not a basis for refund or cancellation, either in part or whole.

____ FINISHING – GDS does NOT paint or stain any products. Unless pre-finished products are purchased, customers are responsible for finishing products after installation to protect against environmental elements. GDS shall not be held responsible for painting/staining issues and strongly recommends that customers and/or hired professionals follow all manufacturer finishing instructions which can be found on the manufacturer’s website for products ordered.

____ INSTALLATION – Once all products arrive in good condition, installations will then be scheduled Monday-Friday beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending by 4:00 p.m. Order date, home location & estimated installation time are all factored in determining the installation schedule. Typical installations take from one to six hours and vary from job to job. Door installations are generally scheduled early in the day as they can take the longest to complete. An adult, age 18 years or older, must be on the premises at all times while work is being performed and valuables should be removed from the work area to prevent possible damage. GDS will not be held liable for valuables damaged if left in the installation area.

____ SECURITY SYSTEMS – GDS is not responsible for security systems, including reconnection after installation. While we take every care to protect your security system during installation, some systems may have hidden wires and some are designed to lose programming if a wire is disconnected or severed. It is possible that reconnection may need to be made by the security system provider at the homeowner’s scheduling and expense.

____ MANUFACTURER WARRANTY – Manufacturers for each product ordered are listed on the customer invoice and specific warranty information can be found on the manufacturer website. If a warranty issue arises during the warranty period, the customer will be required to supply documentation including copy of invoice, photos & /or video and explanation of issue to GDS, which will then be forwarded to the manufacturer for review. GDS will serve as the customer advocate; however, the manufacturer is the ultimate judge of what is considered warranty. GDS must secure manufacturer warranty approval before scheduling to replace existing product. Approved warranties beyond one year of purchase date will require additional fee to reinstall, or the customer can pick the product up from the GDS store to install themselves at no additional charge.
*NOTE: Glass breakage of the external glass panes for any reason, slight imperfections, bubbles, lines, shadows, rattle, etc (due to the natural manufacturing process) are NOT considered under warranty by any manufacturer following the general industry four foot rule.

____ WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY – GDS workmanship warranty will be in effect for 1 year after installation date; however, will require a trip fee. Once inspected, GDS installers will discuss cause and correction needed for issue. If determined the issue was caused by natural door settling, etc, the trip and labor fee will be waived; however, if caused by work performed outside of GDS (i.e. painter, homeowner), a per hour additional labor fee will also be applied in addition to the trip fee.

____ MARKETING/ADVERTISING – From time to time, GDS will send marketing updates; however you can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. Unless expressly confirmed in writing and acknowledged by our staff in signature, photographs of our work at your home may be used in published advertising; however, care will be taken not to disclose any personal identifiers such as name or address in any photos used. Customers are also encouraged to submit their own before/after photos for a chance to win an online marketing contest give-away.


____ GLASS INSTALLATION – During door cutting &/or glass remove & replace processes, existing paint could possibly be scuffed, scratched, loosened, etc. Although care is taken to prevent this, GDS shall not be held responsible for any finishing repair. When installing/changing glass from any door, sidelight or other structure, we will strive for the best possible outcome; however, glass being fickle as it is, it is impossible to guarantee non-breakage or any other negative outcome. Should this occur, GDS will provide a temporary solution until a replacement glass can be reordered at no additional cost.


____DESIGN PROCESS – Once deposit and door measurements are received orders will be submitted to the etching artist who will then create a line art template and email the customer directly. If any changes are needed, the customer will work directly with the etching artist via email to modify the design until customer approval
is given. Once the design is approved by the customer, the etching artist will proceed with sandblasting after the product arrives. Once approval is received, no further modifications can be made as etching templates will be in process after that time.


____ DOOR INSTALLATION – Door unit replacements are installed to industry standards and with utmost care, although some stucco, drywall, tile etc. on surrounding areas may possibly become damaged (and may even be expected) on some homes. GDS will not be held responsible for work outside the scope of industry standards unless the specifications of additional work and customer cost has been agreed upon in writing prior to installation. Any additional work requested or required outside of specifications on the customer invoice will result in additional cost and the additional work may need to be completed as a separate trip.

_____ DOOR PRICING – Because the homeowner’s measurements are used for initial pricing, unless specifically indicated, all quotes/point-of-sale invoices are based on standard specifications for today’s manufacturers. At the time of door field measure, any additional charges required for non-standard specifications (such as, but not exclusive to, cut down fees for non-standard door heights, threshold extensions, ball bearing hinges, additional labor required) will be identified and discussed with the customer. For convenience, any additional charges identified and agreed upon can be added to the final payment due.

____ DOOR HANDLESETS – Door units do not automatically include handle sets; however, door handle sets purchased through GDS are installed at no additional charge. GDS also will reinstall customer’s existing handle set at no charge, but due to previous age and use, GDS will not be held responsible for any issue that may arise from reinstalling any pre-existing handle sets. New handle sets purchased
elsewhere and installed by GDS will require an additional fee. Customers should refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for product care of all door hardware.