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This Apollo Beach home has a single front door with 3/4 size glass insert for this 8 ft tall front doorlaminated glass doors in lakeland FL

The soft green color of the fiberglass entry door reflects the sea side atmosphere of the homeowners community in southern Hillsborough county, FL.  Although the inside photo is a little over brightened, you can see there is no lack of privacy but the natural light floods the entryway.

This is laminated glass that is totally different from traditional leaded glass. It is quite strong and just is a personal choice for someone that just wants something different from anything they has previously seen.  We have 4 different choices of laminated glass inserts in out Tampa showroom, and about 100 different glass inserts for fiberglass or steel doors.

The photo below is another laminated entry door glass that has no metal between the glass.  It is a unique method of making front entry door glass that is both decorative and strong. There are several choices available in our showroom with this laminated glass feature.ODL laminated LI Lasting Impressions

Come on in and we will build the pre-hung door of your choice for a new door installation or we can cut your existing door at your home and add glass to that door.

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