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Replace Sliding Glass Doors With French Garden Doors

Replace your sliding glass doors with french doorsFrench door inserts in Lakeland FL

Replace sliding glass doors with french doors can be standard installation or a unique layout. The arrangement of the furniture and the position of the fireplace made re arranging the furniture difficult for this homeowner. The solution was to keep the entrance to the patio area on the same side of the opening as the sliding glass doors had provided rather than the usual center opening in conventional french doors. This gives the homeowner a fixed area that furniture can be arranged against without any compromise of functionality. From the outside, a side entrance on a french door can also help accommodate outdoor furniture and traffic patterns on the patio.

Inside, you can see how much easier it is to enter and exit the living room to the patio area. These french doors are very energy efficient as well as practical. You do not waste energy with air leaks with properly installed french doors and the mini-blinds between the glass give privacy, insulation, and shield the home from the summer sun and heat. Very practical!

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