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Functional & Practical Uses for Interior Barn Doors

Interior barn doors have become a popular design choice for many homeowners wanting to add a rustic look to their living space. Interior barn doors are functional and decorative. Let’s explore how you can use them to spruce up your home.

interior barn doors in Lakeland FlHow to Choose the Right Style

The first step to transforming your interior space is choosing the right style of barn doors. You might not think it, but interior barn doors come in various designs, from traditional and rustic to modern and sleek. 

Consider the overall theme of your home to pick an appropriate set of doors. For example, a classic wooden door with wrought iron hardware pairs perfectly with a house with a country theme, while doors with clean lines and minimalistic hardware fit better in a contemporary space.

Colors and Textures

Barn doors are an excellent way to introduce new textures and colors to a room. If neutral tones dominate your space, adding doors with a bold color will make a stunning focal point. Alternatively, if your room is already vibrant, opt for a more subdued tone or natural wood to add a calming, earthy element.

Maximize Space

One practical advantage of installing interior barn doors is the space savings you get. Unlike traditional swing doors, barn doors slide along the wall — perfect for small or awkwardly shaped rooms where every inch of space counts. 

Create Distinct Areas

Barn doors are perfect for dividing open-plan spaces without sacrificing the sense of openness and flow. For example, you can use them to separate a living area from a dining room or create a private home office within a larger room. When opened, they allow the two spaces to blend seamlessly; you get privacy and sound insulation when closed.

Mix Materials

Don’t be shy about mixing materials to create a dramatic effect or unique look. For example, a wooden door with glass panels blends rustic charm with modern elegance, making your space warm and sophisticated. Metal accents on a wooden door can add an industrial touch to your interior décor. 

Add Character to Functional Spaces

Another practical use for interior barn doors is adding character to spaces not commonly associated with them, like kitchens and bathrooms. Consider using a barn door for a pantry or laundry room or as a unique shower door in a bathroom to add style and maximize the space. Remember, they’re not just for bedrooms and living rooms. 

Lighting and Accessories

Lighting can have a significant impact on the look of your barn doors. Spotlighting or wall-mounted lamps, for example, can highlight the doors’ texture or metal accouterments, add a splash of color, or create a warm, inviting ambiance. Additionally, you can accessorize the area around the door with artwork, plants, or rustic elements to complement the style and integrate it into your overall décor. 

Get Personal

The great thing about interior barn doors is that the sky is the limit when reflecting your style and taste. Many people add personal touches like stenciling a design, adding decorative handles, or using a repurposed old door, like from a family farm, for history’s sake. 

barn door glass designs in Tampa FL

Interior barn doors are easy to install, functional, and stylish and can add value to your home, making them an excellent return on investment.

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