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An Active Sidelight Can Function Like Double Doors!

Is your single front door opening too small?

When will you be ready to replace your single front door with a new front door? If you have a standard stationary or fixed sidelight, you may be able to choose an active sidelight for your front entry.  This is very convenient on the occasions that you need to move large items into your home. The active sidelight operates just like a double door. It is stationary most of the time but when needed, it opens. The sidelight has a standard astragal attached with bolts that slide upwards and downwards to secure closed.

Single front door with sidelight that opens like double door Envoy

Front door with 2 sidelights

Your new front door can have 1 fixed sidelight and 1 active sidelight. These are options usually restricted to double 32″ doors to be able to change to a door with sidelights.  If you have double 36″ doors, usually there is too much of a space to fill so you would then have to stay with double doors. If you have a single door with only 1 sidelight this idea will work for you.

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