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Living In A Clear Glass Fishbowl? Try A Decorative Glass Door!

Did your builder select just clear glass for your front door?

Decorative glass door inserts can resolve may clear glass worries. No problem, most homes can be changed to a decorative glass insert that will give you the light you want in the entry way but also the privacy. You can see this home was sold with clear glass but a few quick measurements later, we know exactly what size insert to offer this client. Pictures of the home help when trying to decide but ultimately, a homeowner want to evaluate the glass insert itself on style and functionality.change-the-glass-in-the-front-entry-double-doors

Here’s the inside view of the before and after. You can see there is no lack of privacy with this decorative glass door insert. By the way this comes in Black, Silver or Brass caming in the standard size. The taller doors like these doors the selection is between silver or brass caming.  The background glass is a textured glass called glue chip which has a very high privacy rating. Although this is true, the smoother rippled water glass also seen in the border areas is also a very popular glass texture seen in decorative glass inserts in front doors. Your entryway will have privacy with either smoother textures or the dense textures such as glue chip.

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