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Hurricane Protection Without Impact Glass

Florida’s residents who live on or close to the coast know all about hurricanes and how destructive they can be. It’s prudent to do everything possible to protect your home as much as possible against hurricane damage, and one thing experts recommend is using impact glass, especially on your front door. However, impact glass can be expensive, but the good news is there are alternatives, which we delve into here.

glass door hurricane prep in tampa flStorm Panels

One of the most economical choices for hurricane protection is storm panels. These panels are typically made from steel, aluminum, or clear polycarbonate. Storm panels can be put in place when a storm threatens and taken down later. While not as convenient as some permanent measures, they’re affordable and do the job quite well. Storm panels can be installed in minutes! They are highly secure, while still leaving your door fully functional! Check out our website for a free online quote.


True, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing option, but plywood is a solid, economical solution to protect your home when a hurricane is imminent. However, you can’t use any old plywood; experts recommend it be at least 5/8-inch thick and secured correctly to ensure it remains in place and does its job during a storm. The advantage of plywood is that you can have it custom-cut to fit your doors and windows for a tight seal.

Hurricane Fabric Screens

These screens, made from high-strength, geo-synthetic fabric, block wind, rain, and flying debris. They’re typically anchored into the ground or building, providing a barrier protecting your doors and windows. You can roll the screens up and store them when not in use.

Accordion Shutters

These are permanent fixtures mounted next to windows and doors you pull closed when a storm is coming. The shutters lock in place and offer a solid barrier against hurricane wind and flying debris. Shutters are pricier than storm panels or plywood, but they’re cheaper than impact glass and offer the convenience of being readily available when needed.

Reinforce Existing Doors

Another economical approach to hurricane protection is to reinforce your existing door. You can do this by adding additional bolts or latches or using metal bars put in place when needed. Additionally, using weather stripping and a deadbolt can improve the door’s resistance capabilities. 

Barrier Window Film

While not a replacement for the other options we listed, a transparent barrier film on your existing door’s glass elements can prevent shattering in some situations. While it won’t stop larger debris, it can hold glass together to prevent injury. Keep in mind, however, that adding any type of film to a glass insert typically voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Tips for Effective Hurricane Protection

Plan Ahead

The last thing you want is to scramble at the last minute to find protective materials to keep your home safe. Choose your protective options well in advance and have any necessary supplies always ready for when the big one is headed your way.

Seek Professional Advice

If you’re unsure which method is best for your home or how to install it correctly for maximum protection, consult a professional. Remember, proper installation is vital to ensuring your chosen method’s effectiveness when the time comes.

Combine Methods

There’s no guarantee of total protection regarding what Mother Nature can bring forth; however, you can increase your chances by combining methods to shore up your home’s vulnerabilities. For example, consider using plywood and barrier film as a dual layer to guard against shattering glass. 

hurricane impact glass doors in lakeland fl

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