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Etched Glass Doors With Bamboo Custom Design

We added etched glass inserts to these metal doors in about an hour

Etched glass doors add a casual theme to our Florida homes. We love to design etched glass patterns for homeowners that want something unique for their home. Sometimes a homeowner has such a nice view they want etched glass with clear areas to see through. This is the design goal for this customer in Tampa.

When you have a tropical landscape design and want an outdoor feel and you want just decoration rather than full privacy the etched glass is a perfect design idea.  We could also have done this design to have a fully etched background also for a homeowner whose front doors are in close proximity to the street view.etched glass for doors and interior glass in Lakeland FL

An etched glass door on textured glass

Sometimes the client will choose a textured etched glass door for full privacy and put the etched tropical design on the outside. This is a palm tree design on the smooth outer glass while the textured glass in on the inside panel of the door insert. Did you realize these glass door inserts are all 1 inch thick for insulation purposes?  This way the design is there and the privacy is there for the customer also. The example of textured glass is shown below on the front doors and you can see this also on the bathroom examples.

You can bring any design ideas with you and we can build a perfect design for your home. Bringing pictures of the area you are remodeling also helps with our perspective.  Our catalog of line art is large but your ideas are so helpful when we need to come up with a design unique for your space.  You can also put these design on Hurricane Impact for coastal areas.  See our etched glass page here.

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