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How to Choose the Best Energy-Efficient Doors

With energy prices rising, it’s crucial to save every penny you can, and choosing the right energy-efficient doors can significantly lower your energy bills. Energy-efficient doors don’t just keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer; they can also reduce your carbon footprint.

energy efficient glass doors in lakeland flHere are our tips for choosing the best energy-efficient doors for your home.

The Basics of Door Energy Efficiency

The first step to choosing the best energy-efficient doors is to understand the features that contribute to their efficiency. These include materials, core insulation, weatherstripping, and glass inserts. Doors made from fiberglass, steel, or wood with energy-efficient cores and tight-sealing weatherstripping are generally more energy-efficient. Moreover, doors with double—or triple-glazed glass inserts can offer extra insulation.

Know the Energy Performance Ratings

When shopping for energy-efficient doors, paying attention to the energy performance ratings is crucial. These ratings, provided by organizations like ENERGY STAR, tell you how well the door performs in terms of insulation and energy conservation. Look for doors with a high R-value, which indicates better insulation properties, and a low U-factor, which means better thermal resistants. These ratings can significantly influence your home’s energy efficiency.

Consider the Material

The material the door is made of plays a significant role in how energy efficient it is. Here are the most common types.


Fiberglass doors are known for being extremely durable, low maintenance, and having excellent insulation. They can imitate the look of wood doors and are warp-resistant, making them an ideal energy-efficient option.


Like fiberglass, steel doors are highly durable and offer decent insulation thanks to their foam core. They’re typically more affordable than fiberglass but are prone to rust and dents.


Wood doors are natural insulators and offer a classic look. However, they require more maintenance than steel or fiberglass and can be less energy efficient if they’re not properly insulated or if they warp over time.

Select the Right Core Insulation

The core insulation of your door is what really determines its efficiency. Doors with polyurethane foam insulation are typically more energy efficient than those with polystyrene or without any foam. The denser the foam core, the better the door is at insulating your home.

Ensure Proper Installation

It doesn’t matter how well-insulated the door is; air can get in and out if it’s not installed correctly. Professional installation can guarantee that your door is correctly sealed and insulated around the edges, which is crucial for preventing energy loss.

Don’t Overlook Style and Design

While energy efficiency is critical, you’ll want a door that complements your home’s aesthetic and increases curb appeal. Fortunately, energy-efficient doors come in various styles and designs. Whether you want a modern or traditional look, there’s an energy-efficient option available.

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Consider the Cost Savings

While energy-efficient doors might cost more upfront, it’s important to consider the long-term savings on your energy bills. Some experts estimate that upgrading to energy-efficient doors can save you up to 35% on your total energy bills.

Choosing the best energy-efficient doors for your home involves considering various factors, including the energy performance rating, the materials, the core insulation, and professional installation. By doing thorough research and speaking to qualified professionals, you can find a door that enhances your home’s beauty and saves you money in the long run.

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