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Brandon, Florida

Front Door Replacement in Brandon, FL

Let natural light into your home and instantly brighten your dark entryways by installing a new or upgraded front door. Our services will drastically transform your home’s appearance and create a bright and inviting atmosphere that you can admire time and time again. The Glass Door Store offers high-quality, customizable glass door inserts and full replacement doors that are beautiful, cost-effective, and offer hurricane protection. We proudly serve Brandon, Florida and the surrounding areas around central Florida like Tampa, Lakeland, Ruskin, Sun City Center, and more.

If you’d like to make your home the standout in the neighborhood, here’s why we’re the door replacement company to call.

Personalized Service

Buying from a big box retailer is convenient because they offer everything. However, only some employees are experts, and sometimes, it seems like they want to sell you something and get you out the door as quickly as possible. You’re one customer out of thousands.

We’re a local, family-owned company that does one thing — doors. We’re experts and offer a complete turn-key solution when you’re ready to upgrade your home’s interior or exterior doors.

When you call us, you work with the same team from start to finish, so you get more personalized service than you could ever get with a big-box home improvement retailer.


Decorative Hurricane Resistant Glass Door Inserts

As a Florida resident, you’re well aware of the dangers hurricanes present to parts of the state. Data shows that more than 41 percent of hurricanes that hit the United States impact Florida. Furthermore, Florida’s hurricane rate is over two times higher than Texas, the next closest state for hurricane frequency.

front door replacement in brandon florida

If you live in a part of the state that’s a high risk for a hurricane, you must do everything possible to protect your home and family.

Many of our glass door inserts are available with hurricane-resistant glass. Hurricane resistance means the glass withstands the impact of strong winds, flying debris, and heavy rain. For something to be designated hurricane resistant, it must be tested and certified to meet specific standards.

The hurricane-resistant doors we sell have been tested to meet wind-borne debris and high-velocity hurricane zone standards.

Bottom line: our hurricane-resistant glass door inserts and doors are more than a marketing slogan.


Massive Selection

Whether you want to upgrade your current front door with our glass inserts or want a complete front door replacement, we have two showrooms with a vast selection of styles. We offer pre-hung doors from major manufacturers, including Plastpro, Masonite, and Thermatru, that are low maintenance and highly durable.

Our glass door inserts come in a range of styles that can match virtually any architecture, from vintage to modern.

Lastly, we offer custom glass etching with tropical, aquatic, geometric, or custom themes if you want a unique look.

entryway renovation in brandon florida

Transforming Your Home From Ordinary To Extraordinary

If you want an amazing, easy, and cost-effective way improve your home, follow these four key steps:

Contact Us
Call or reach out through our online form to be connected with an expert Customer Care Specialist.

Select Your Door
Visit our showroom or online gallery to see the myriad of glass insert styles & doors to choose from.

Time To Install
When your product arrives, our team will carefully inspect it upon delivery and schedule your installation.

Be Amazed!
Step out into your yard or on the street and admire how beautiful your home looks now. See how a simple entryway has been transformed into something bright, inviting, and unique in the neighborhood. 

The Turn-Key Solution To Improving Your Brandon Home

You could go to a big box retailer to buy a front door replacement, but unless you’re handy, you’ll have to hire someone to install it, which is an extra cost. The result depends on their experience.

When you buy glass door inserts or a front door replacement from us, our experts will install it for you. Our team has decades of construction experience, so you can trust us to do the job right the first time. Typically, glass door insert installation takes about an hour, while complete door replacement takes about four.

We serve Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Pasco County, Polk County, and Manatee County areas for glass installations. For door installations, we serve Hillsborough, Polk, Pasco, and Manatee counties.

If you’re outside our service area, we will work with your contractor to supply the products you’ll need to complete the project.

Start Your Home’s Transformation Today

A glass door insert or door replacement will transform your entryway from ordinary to extraordinary. Contact us today to get started. In Tampa, call 813–991–0028. In Lakeland, call 863–272–7311.