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Barn Doors Can Create A New Rooom

Will a custom barn door cover your wall opening?

A large opening can be covered using a custom made barn door if you do not have the swing space for a french door. This home only had space for the barn door to swing to one side. The exposed black hardware makes a wonderful decorative compliment to the x pattern in the barn door. Finger pulls were added all around so the door can be easily retracted from any side a person is standing on.Closeup of the barn door

The cost of a custom door depends on the features you are looking for and your budget. We are sure we can fit something into everyone’s budget.  Just measure the space you are wanting to cover and bring a picture on your Ipad or phone.  We can start there.  We look forward to seeing you in the Tampa showroom and choosing the correct barn door for your decorative style.

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Call us to install the barn door that turns a large opening in your wall, into a new space in your home with a simple slide of this beautiful door.

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