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How To Accommodate A Non-Standard Height Exterior Door

Do you need to replace a non-standard height exterior door?

This may be due to rotten door frames or rusting doors. This home has metal doors that are about 12 years old. That is well past their life expectancy in Florida. The humidity rusts even well painted door just through the atmosphere. When you do not have an overhang to protect the door from rain, it makes the frames very vulnerable to rotting and decay. This is a problem that invites termites so should be solved very quickly before a small problem turns into a big problem.

Our fiberglass doors and door frames are totally rot proof

All frames on our doors are 100% rot proof all around the door. The aluminum threshold sill also has composite material instead of wood. Wood will provide a wonderful place for termites to live. We absolutely refuse to sell thresholds with standard wood sills for this reason. So are you wondering why the door just could not be cut down to size? Well, Plastpro doors have a steel bar running vertically on the 8 ft doors. If you cut the bottom of the door to re-rail the 8 ft doors, the new composite material will not be able to cover edge to edge. That would leave support material exposed, and the rain would eventually rot the inside of the doors. We make sure that your doors will not need to be replaced in the future so your money is invested wisely. Come see our cut a-ways, and you will see the difference.

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