What can you do with that little window over the front door?

Well, if it is a framed in window the easy decorative choice is making a stained glass transom.  This is a pattern we adapted to the personal style she really loves, antiques. We used antique glass for the leafs and flowers and rough textures for the background. The outer edge has a contrasting texture from the inner background so it is a good compliment. It is always a good idea to choose textures that vary and do not compete with each other. Textures that are very similar compete and textures that are vastly different tend to offer compliment and contrast.  That is the golden rule to stained glass designing.

See the various steps in creating the stained glass transom below

You can see starting with the custom design on paper, then cutting each piece of glass to the correct size. Wrap each piece in copper foil to prepare for soldering togather. When all is done the silver solder is then patinaed to darken it. The polishing must wait a day for the patina to set, then clean then install in your window above the door. Beautiful!

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